Past events

Utopic Events 1st Birthday

Lighting programmer and operator for a house/techno party at Manning Bar, USYD.

IFBB Pro League State Qualifier

Lighting operator for a bodybuilding competition at the Science Theatre, UNSW.

Masif Events

Regular laserist at Masif Events, Sydney’s biggest Hardstyle/Hardcore club.

St Joseph’s College: Strictly Ballroom

Lighting programmer for a high school production of Strictly Ballroom, a show played over 4 nights. 3 days were spent plotting the show, and a further 4 involved in operation.

The Concourse: Lunar New Year Comedy Festival

I designed a lighting plot in Vectorworks and programmed and operated lighting for a comedy show at the iconic Concourse Venue.

Laservision: NY Lasers

I was involved in the bump-in and operation of 2 high-powered 30 watt lasers projecting an Aurora Borealis effect near Chinatown, Sydney, over 4 days.

Mainstage Events: Decadence NYE

Another gig at the beautiful Greenwood Hotel where I operated three 3 watt lasers.

Mainstage Events: Legacy

I operated three 3 watt lasers for a hardstyle/hardcore/hard trance rave at the Greenwood Hotel. I also operated an MA2 at periods throughout the event when the main LX was unavailable.